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Grievance Redress Service

The Grievance Redress Service (GRS) is an avenue for individuals and communities to submit complaints directly to the BDR Admin if they believe that a BDR staff has or is likely to have adverse effects on them obtaining or applying for any BDR service. The GRS enhances the BDR’s responsiveness and accountability to its  communities by ensuring that grievances are promptly reviewed and addressed. 

How to File A Complaint

Any individual who believes that the BDR has or is likely to, adversely affect them can submit a complaint.

The GRS considers a complaint admissible when:

  • The complaint relates to a BDR service that is under preparation, active, or has been closed for less than 3 months
  • The complaint is submitted by individuals affected by BDR service, or by their authorized representative; and
  • The complainant(s) allege that they have been or will be affected by the BDR service

Complaints must be in writing and addressed to the GRS. They can be sent by the following methods:

Information to include in a complaint

  • Identify the subject of the complaint
  • Clearly state the issue
  • Identify the individual(s) submitting the complaint
  • Specify if the complaint is submitted by a representative of the person(s) affected by this issue
  • If the complaint is submitted by a representative, include the name, signature, contact details, and written proof of authority of the representative.

Supporting evidence is not necessary but may be helpful in reviewing and resolving the complaint. The complaint may also include suggestions on how the individuals believe the complaint could be resolved. All complaints will be treated as confidential. The GRS will not disclose any personal data that may reveal the identity of complainants without their consent.

GRS Personal Data Privacy Notice and Consent

GRS Process

  • Step 1

    GRS Receives Complaint

    • Notifies complainant of receipt
    • Determines if complaint will be processed
  • Step 2

    Review Of Issues

    • Notifies complainant of case status
    • Requests additional information, if necessary
  • Step 3


    • Solution and timeline proposed to complainants
    • If complainants agree, project team and project implementing agency implements and
    • GRS monitors
      Complaint closed when solution is fully implemented