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The Bono region is one of the youngest regions in Ghana with an estimated population of 1208649 berthed in 2016 from the Brong Ahafo region which was divided into three; Bono, Bono East and Ahafo. The region maintained its regional capital in Sunyani.

The region comprises of twelve (12) districts and eighteen (18) registries with a regional office situated in Sunyani at the Regional Coordinating Council premises. The region is headed by the Regional Registration Officer and the Deputy with District Registration Officers manning the various districts and registration officers and volunteers scattered across the region.

The region comprises of a fifteen (15) males and eleven (11) females totaling twenty-six 26 staffs as of the first quarter of 2022.

The estimated birth registration for the region is 32350 made up of 16555 males and 15795 females. Expected death registration for 2022 is 12283 with all registration propounded from the 2010 Population and Housing Census by the Ghana Statistical Service.


Nchiraa Waterfalls
Wedged between the mountains of the Nchiraa Settlement, the Nchiraa waterfalls is located 30 kilometres North of Wenchi. The tourist is offered a hiking adventure on a rocky and challenging footpath that leads to the waterfalls. The existence of other natural and cultural tourism within 10 kilometers radius makes the tour package exhilarating. These includes the Wurobo Ancestral Caves which is located about 8 kilometers from Nchiraa Settlement. The caves are believed to be the original dwelling place of the people of Nchiraa.

Duasidan Monkey Sanctuary
Duasidan Monkey Sanctuary is located 10 kilometers Southwest of Dormaa Ahenkro. This sanctuary hosts a rare breed of Mona monkeys. The tourist is welcomed by the presence of these monkeys as you enter their forest-like abode. Bamboo trees form a canopy in the middle of the forest, which serves as a resting grounds for visitors. Monkeys can be seen swinging up and down tree branches and peeling bananas left out for them. It is quite a remarkable sight as the visitors get the chance to see how monkeys carry their babies on the move.

Bui National Park / Bui Dam
A park that covers 1,821 kilometers square and covers part of the Black Volta River, the Bui National Park is endowed with several species of antelopes and a variety of birds. It is also known for its hippopotamus population. The tourist can take a cruise on the Black Volta River through the National Park. The Bui Dam is located at the base of the Banda Mountains, the dam was built to improve Ghana’s energy requirements.

Hani Archaeological Site
One of the few archaeological sites in Ghana, the Hani archaeological site is located at Wenchi. Visitors can access the site of digging and the settlement of the Begho people, some of its artifacts and relics from 12th-century civilization can be found in the chiefs palace.

Nwoase Ostrich Farm
Located at Nwoase near Wenchi, is the ostrich farm. The ostrich is known to be the largest living bird. It has a long neck, long legs and two toes on each foot. Tourists can make a stop at the farm to see one of nature’s wonders as the ostrich can reach a height of 2.75 meters.

Busia Mausoleum
This mausoleum was built in memory of the late Professor K.A.Busia. A Prime Minister of the 2ndRepublic of Ghana. Located at the Wenchi-Nsawkaw road about 400 meters from the Centre of Wenchi town. The Busia Mausoleum displays some artifacts and personal items used by Dr. Busia. It also takes the tourist back to ancient times when such items were used.


There are several cultural practices and festivals within the region, Kwafie celebrated by the Dormaa, Berekum and Nsoatre people in November, December or January. It is celebrated to clean and feed the stool and gods respectively. It is climaxed with a large bonfire in the palace courtyard. It is believed that the people of Dormaa Ahenkro (Aduana) brought fire to Ghana and hence this legend is symbolically re-enacted. The people of Suma celebrate Akwantukese in March.

Regional Attractions

  • Bui Dam – Banda
  • Duasidan Monkey Sanctuary
  • Nchiraa Waterfalls – Wenchi
  • Black Volta
  • Bui National Park

Nearby Regions

  • Bono East Region
  • Ahafo Region
  • Ashanti Region